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2010-08-19 02:45:44 by Repp-Andrej

Hello. I've been on NG for a while now, haven't really done much. Got a few songs up from a while ago that I hardly remember. lol But anyway, the only reason I'm even posting is because my profile suggests "Why don't you make one?" So now I am so it will go away. :P

Hmm... I guess if i was going to post this so something constructive can come out of it I guess I should say I've been using FL Studio for a while now to make music, however I lack any real experience using the program. I've been messing around on it for years and put things together with no plan, or knowledge of what 99% of the stuff on there is or how it works. So any help in that department would be appreciated, or if someone who does know more about it than I do can take my music and remix it I guess. Either way, is fine with me. lol

Have a nice day.


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